Managing Portal Users

Users with permissions to add, edit, and delete users have a Client Users link on the banner bar. Selecting this link opens the Client Users page, which lists all the users set up for the currently selected portal. The Client Users page is the starting place for adding, editing, and deleting users. It is also where administrators can reset a user's password and resend the Welcome email, if needed.

Note: If you do not see the Client Users link, then you have not been granted permission to manage users in the currently selected portal.

Finding a User in the List

If needed, use the Find box to locate a user in the portal list. Enter all or part of a user's name and email address, and then click Find.

Clicking or tapping a column header sorts the list of users by that column. Clicking or tapping the column header again toggles between sorting in ascending and descending order.

Editing a User Profile in the List

If you are using Client Axcess on a desktop computer, you can make the following changes for users from the Client Users list:

  • Select the Grant Access check box to allow the user to access the portal once you save this page. Clear the check box to revoke access.

    Note: Clearing the Grant Access box deletes the user from the list of users for the specified portal. If the user has access to multiple portals, the user is not deleted from any other portals.

  • Enter a date in the Access Expiration box when this user's access to the portal should expire, if needed.
  • Select the My Files Access check box to grant portal users access to the My Files area. Clear the check box to revoke access to the My Files area.

    Note: This option is only available if the firm providing the portal has licensed this feature and enabled it for the portal.

For additional edits, or if you are using Client Axcess on a tablet, see Editing a Portal User.