CCH Axcess™ Practice

Configuring ePay Options in CCH Axcess

After creating a merchant account, use the procedure below to configure the ePay options in CCH Axcess. This process includes:

  • Entering the merchant ID, public API key, and private API key provided by your payment services provider
  • Customizing the payments page that customers see when they click a payment link
  • Entering the contact information that customers can use to contact the firm with billing questions

Note: The ePay feature is available only to firms that license both Practice and CCH Axcess  Portal.

To configure the ePay options, do the following:

  1. Open Dashboard, click Application Links on the navigation panel, and then click Settings and defaults under Firm.
  2. Select Practice > ePay.
  3. Click Setup.
  4. With the PSP Details tab selected, click Settings for your PSP.
  5. Complete the set up for your PSP.
    • ClosedCPACharge
      1. Clear the Test mode check box. Your clients cannot submit payments if this box is selected.

        Note: Once you click Authorize, you cannot clear the Test mode check box without first removing the authorization. You can reauthorize the account after making the change.

      2. Click Authorize.
      3. If prompted, log in with your CPACharge credentials.
      4. Follow the CPACharge prompts to complete the setup. You might be asked again to click Authorize.
    • ClosedPayPay (Braintree)
      1. Enter your Merchant ID, Public API key, and Private API key. This information is provided by Braintree.
      2. If needed, clear the Sandbox account check box.
      3. Click Verify.
      4. Click Submit.
      5. If you have billing sub-accounts, verify that the one that should be used by default is selected.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click Merchant Setup.
  8. Do the following as needed on the Display Name tab:
    • ClosedAdd a logo. A logo is not required. If you add one, it displays next to the firm name on the payment page.
      1. Click Browse next to the Upload new logo image box.
      2. Navigate to and select the logo image file.

        Tip: For optimal display on both large and small screens, your logo should be no larger than 350 pixels by 120 pixels.

      3. Click Open.
    • ClosedChange how your firm name displays. By default, the Display name field is populated with your firm's name.
    • You can modify the text and use the text formatting tools to change its appearance on the payment page.
      Click to change the style applied to your firm name. The style includes the size and boldness of the text.
      Click to make selected text bold.
      Click to make selected text italic.
      Click to underline selected text.
      Click to select a different font from the list.
      Click to change the text color and background color for selected text.
  9. Click the Contact Info tab.
  10. Enter the contact information your clients should use to contact your firm if they have questions about their invoice.

    Note: A message containing this contact information will display if a client encounters an issue using the ePay system. If you enter nothing here, the message will instead instruct the client to contact the firm, with no contact information.

  11. Click Submit.

Important: If your firm uses a testing environment or sandbox account, make sure to clear the Test mode check box before sending ePay links to your customers.

Next Steps

To publish invoices to Portal, you also must complete the following steps, depending on which version of Portal you use: