Accessing State Smart Charts™ Research

State Smart Charts is a CCH® IntelliConnect® tool that provides links to information on a variety of state-related topics, such as corporate and passthrough income tax, personal income tax, franchise tax, sales and use taxes, property tax, and unclaimed property.

To access State Smart Charts, open a state worksheet or form and click State Smart Charts on the Help tab. A chart of supporting citations and documentation related to the selected state displays. You can link to a citation or discussion, or click the options in the toolbar to save, print, email, or export the information.

Click Help located on the top-right corner of the State Smart Charts window to display more information.

Note: The system uses your email address to automatically log you in to the research products. Your IntelliConnect email address must match the email address entered in your staff profile. If you change your email address at a later time, you must update your staff profile as well as your IntelliConnect profile.