Accessing CCH Research

CCH Research provides up-to-date tax and accounting information with powerful search and navigation features. You have access to research documents in both the CCH® IntelliConnect® and CCH® AnswerConnect systems from either the Help ribbon or the Quick Access Toolbar.

Help Ribbon

Do one of the following to open CCH Research:

  • From Return Manager. Select the Help tab on the ribbon and click CCH Research.
  • From a tax return. You can do any of the following:
    • Select the Help tab on the ribbon and click U.S. Master Tax Guide.
    • Tip: If you first select a government form or field that has supporting documentation, relevant information displays.

    • Select a government form field, select the Help tab on the ribbon, and click CCH Tax Prep Partner. See Accessing CCH® Tax Prep Partner Research for more information about this research type.
    • Select a state worksheet or state government form, select the Help tab on the ribbon, and click State Smart Charts. See Accessing State Smart Charts™ Research for more information about this research tool.

The Help ribbon options open the IntelliConnect/AnswerConnect window. If you are working in a government form or field that has supporting documentation, information that is relevant to the active form or field displays. Otherwise, if accessed from Return Manager or from worksheets or non-supported government forms, the main IntelliConnect/AnswerConnect Home page displays.

Note: Tax uses your email address to automatically log you in. Your CCH IntelliConnect/AnswerConnect email address must match the email address entered in your staff profile. If you change your email address at a later time, you must update your staff profile as well as your CCH IntelliConnect/AnswerConnect profile.

Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar search field allows you to access CCH® IntelliConnect® and CCH® AnswerConnect content from Google® search results.

Note: You must first install the CCH Browser Search software. Click in the Quick Access Toolbar Search Research field, and then click Learn more for download and installation information.

After installing CCH Browser Search, do the following to search CCH IntelliConnect and CCH AnswerConnect topics:

  1. In the Quick Access Toolbar, enter your search term in the Search CCH Research field and press Enter. A new window in your Internet browser displays Google® search results.
  2. Click Display CCH® Intelliconnect®/CCH® AnswerConnect search results directly above the Google® results to activate the feature. The system name (CCH® Intelliconnect® or CCH® AnswerConnect) that displays depends on the system that you last searched. ClosedShow me.
  3. Your CCH Research results display in an embedded window above the Google® results. ClosedShow me.

  4. You can do the following:
    • Click a line item in the results to link to the topic in the CCH IntelliConnect or CCH AnswerConnect system.
    • Hide and show the results.
    • Jump to or collapse and expand topic categories.
    • Expand the results to a full screen display.
    • Include or remove results from CCH AnswerConnect (available in the CCH IntelliConnect results).
    • Click Switch Product to change the search system between CCH IntelliConnect and CCH AnswerConnect.

More About CCH IntelliConnect

CCH Research documents are organized in a Tree View or Library View and include tools to help you locate related news, full-text source documents, and analysis.

You can do the following in the CCH IntelliConnect system:

  • Search. Use the Search bar to search the entire library, or you can target specific content areas for your search by selecting them from the Browse menu. You can narrow your results by doing a search within a search.
  • Browse. Browse for content directly from the Browse menu, which is an organized list of all of the content to which you subscribe. The Browse menu can be displayed in Tree or Library view.
  • Filter. Use filters to narrow your search results to meaningful areas of interest. For example, you can narrow your search results by selecting a specific document type, a tax type, a menu level on a library, and a specific jurisdiction.
  • Link. Save external links to documents and specific product content menu items. You can copy the URL of content you find while researching and paste it in another application.
  • Favorites. Save documents as shortcuts in CCH IntelliConnect under My Favorites.
  • CCH AnswerConnect. If you are licensed for CCH AnswerConnect, you can link to the AnswerConnect system from the IntelliConnect toolbar. The first time you link, you are prompted to log in to AnswerConnect. You have the option to save your user name and password for easy access in the future.

Refer to CCH IntelliConnect Help to learn about getting started and working with features, such as Research Folders, Citations, Tracker News, Citator, and Practice Tools.

More About CCH AnswerConnect

Find quick answers or display more in-depth explanation with additional resources.

You can do the following in the CCH AnswerConnect system:

  • Search. Enter a question to automatically populate the Questions & Answers box to view quick answers. Link to additional information to find recommended topics, sources, forms, and publications that relate to your question. You can also search by keyword, citation, topic, or Internal Revenue Code (IRC).
  • Filter. Select a document type, such as Explanations, Laws and Statues, and Regulations, to filter your search results.
  • 360-degree view. View complete information for a topic, including IRCs, regulations, explanations, IRS publications, forms, and instructions.
  • Link. Use the All Federal Tax link to find IRCs. Use the Federal Tax Topics link to find a list of categorized topics.
  • Favorites. Save your search in My Favorites for quick access in the future. You can organize your saved searches in custom folders.

Refer to CCH AnswerConnect Help to learn about getting started, sharing documents, viewing history, and working with Practice tools, such as Tax Calendar, Election and Compliance Toolkit, Depreciation Toolkit, and Client Letter Toolkit.