Accessing CCH® Tax Prep Partner Research

CCH Tax Prep Partner is a CCH® IntelliConnect® documentation type that provides information and preparation instructions that are relevant to a line or box on a Federal government form. The series includes real‐life examples, filled‐in forms, tools, and interactive practice aids, meeting the need for explanatory material and practical guidance on preparing specific returns.

From an open government form, select a line or box and click CCH Tax Prep Partner on the Help tab. If there is supporting Tax Prep Partner documentation for the selected field in the form, relevant information displays. The CCH Tax Prep Partner option is not available from worksheets or non-supported government forms.

Click Help located on the top-right corner of the CCH Tax Prep Partner window to display more information.

Note: The system uses your email address to automatically log you in to the research products. Your email address must match the email address entered in your staff profile. If you change your email address at a later time, you must update your staff profile as well as your IntelliConnect profile