K-1 Export File Checklist

Before you create export files, ensure that none of the circumstances listed below exists. Export files are not created if any one of the listed items occurs.

  • The target return is not for the same client ID used in the source return.
  • The maximum number of 36 export files that can be created has been exceeded.
  • The target return is in use.

When export files are not created, the K-1 Export Files Not Created message box displays, listing the reason the files were not created.

Note: Export files are not created from a return that is checked out to a laptop or from a return that has been sent to the center for processing. For these two conditions, the system is unable to determine if exported files already exist for the return, and is therefore unable to determine the correct version for a new export file name.

If you are exporting data for import into another tax return, also see Setting up a K-1 Data Export from One Return to Another Return.