Exporting Data from Worksheet Grids

If a grid displays above it, you can export the data in the grid to a spreadsheet.

To export data to a Microsoft® Excel® (XLS or XLSX) file, do the following:

  1. Click at the top of the grid.
  2. Select one of the export options to export all grid data or export a blank grid that you can use as a template for importing data into Tax.
    • Create blank sample of this grid as a spreadsheet
    • Export this grid to a spreadsheet with all data entered
  3. Enter the path and name of the spreadsheet, or click Browse to navigate to the location of the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet may have an .xls or an .xlsx extension.
  4. Click Export to begin the export process and display a log summary of the export status.
  5. Select one or more options for handling the log summary.
    • Select Launch Excel when export is complete to open the exported data or template after finishing the export.
    • Click Copy to place the log on the clipboard to be pasted into another program.
    • Click Print to send the log to your print device.
    • Click Details to view the Detail Log.
  6. Click Finish.  The return ID, worksheet name, and section name are included at the top of the spreadsheet.

Note: If the data you are exporting will be imported into a tax return, be aware that data in fields with drop-down controls will not import. To ensure a smooth import into those fields, open the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet after the export from CCH Axcess Tax, and manually enter the appropriate CCH Axcess Tax codes in the cells that have drop-down controls.