Copying and Pasting Data into a Worksheet Grid

Beginning with tax year 2014 returns, you can paste data copied from other applications into worksheet grids. You can paste data into a single field or multiple fields at one time. Data to be pasted into multiple fields should be tab-delimited or in tabular format.

Note: This feature is available in grids that allow data imports. Grids that allow data imports have an import button,, in the grid button bar. You cannot paste data into a grid when the return is locked or if you do not have rights to edit the return.

Before you paste data into a grid, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the following information:

  • Grids with existing data. The paste begins in a cell that you select. If the range of data to be pasted overlaps existing data, the existing data will be overwritten.
  • Negative numbers. Negative numbers must be indicated by either a minus sign (-) or by parentheses in the source file. Minus signs may precede or follow the number. If a different character or formatting mechanism (such as text color) is used in the source file to indicate a negative number, the pasted values will be positive.
  • Number formats. Commas, spaces, and dollar signs ($) in numerical data are removed when you paste the data into numerical fields in a worksheet grid. Any number format options specified in the return configuration set or return options are then applied to the pasted data. If you paste numerical data into non-numerical fields, the copied data is considered to be text, and the commas, spaces, and dollar signs are not removed from the data.

Important: You cannot undo a completed paste into a worksheet grid. To remove data after a paste is completed, you either must close the return without saving your changes or manually delete the information.

To paste data into a worksheet grid, do the following:

  1. In the source file, select and copy the data that you want to paste into the grid.
  2. In Tax, click into the grid cell where you want to begin the paste.
  3. To paste data into the grid fields, click into the cell where you want to start the paste and click the Paste Special button,, on the grid control. You can also right-click the cell were you want to begin the paste and select Paste Special.

    The system validates the pasted data, and then displays a preview window showing the first 1,000 rows of pasted data. An error icon,, displays next to data which failed validation. The validation process identifies both errors and warnings.

    • If there are no errors or warnings, or there are only warnings, you can choose to continue with the paste, and all data will be pasted into the grid.
    • If the pasted data includes errors, you can paste any data that does not have errors, but data with errors will be skipped unless you correct the errors.

    Hovering the pointer over the icon displays a description of the issue.

    Note:  Errors in rows beyond row 1,000 are shown in the detail log, but not in the preview window. The detail log can display a maximum of 10,000 errors.

  4. To view more information about an item with the failure icon, click Details. To fix any errors, click Cancel, edit the data in the source file, and then repeat this procedure. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

    Note: If needed, you can print or copy the detail log.

  5. Click Paste.