Customizing Print Options for the Open Return

The Customize Open Return window allows you to change options from the print setClosed Print sets can be created for the firm or the user to configure default options such as copy types, print order, print destination, and watermarks. when printing the entire return.

  1. From an open return, select Print > Print Entire Return from the Application menu.
  2. Click Customize on the Print Entire Return window to display the Customize Open Return window. If changes have occurred since the last calculation, the system prompts you to calculate the return before proceeding, or to continue the print process without calculating.
  3. Customize the print setting for the open return from the available Closedoptions.
  4. Click OK to save your changes and close the Customize Open Return window.


  • When you click OK, your custom settings are applied to the open return only until the return is closed.
  • External objects you insert are saved until they are manually deleted.
  • The return print set is not affected.
  • External objects that you insert do not replace the requirement to attach PDF files for electronic filing.

Note: The option to customize an open return is not available for oversized returns the system has flagged as large returns due to their complexity.