Setting Up Your Printer

Printer Setup gives you the option of assigning a printer for printing returns, forms, and reports. Your printer setup settings are saved, regardless of which location the settings are saved, and the settings remain in effect for your workstation until the setup is changed.

  1. From an open return, select Print > Printer Setup on the Application menu to display the Printer Setup window.
  2. Select the device to print returns, forms, and reports. You can select the Windows default printer or select a different installed printer.
  3. Note: The CCH Axcess option is not a physical printer. This can be used when you do not have access to a physical printer. Print files for this options are saved in C:\ProgramData\WK\NiXPS. The files open in an XPS viewer.

  4. To print to a document imager, select the device from the Print to document imager list.
  5. Select Installed document imager can process landscape forms if your document imaging software is capable of processing landscape forms. If not selected, landscape forms that print to the document imager are compressed and printed in portrait format.

  6. Click OK to save your changes.

Tip: Click Properties to edit properties for the selected printer. For example, you might want to select duplex printing and stapling or a specific tray.