Printing Forms and Pages

The This Form/Page window allows you to print selected forms and pages, which are related to the open return, including the Return Summary.

To print forms and pages, do the following:

  1. Open the return form or page to print.
  2. Select Print > Print This Form/Page from the Application menu. If changes have occurred since the last calculation, the system prompts you to calculate the return before proceeding or continue the print process without calculating.
  3. Select a print Closedoption.
  4. Select or enter the number of print copies. You can print from one to nine copies if you are printing to a printer. Only one copy can be sent to a document imager, PDF, or TIFF file.

  5. Select a Closedprint destination.

    Destination Description
    Printer Defaults to the printer configured in Printer Setup or your last selected printer. You can select another device from the list of installed printers, if needed.
    Document Imager Available if Printer Setup contains a document imager driver configuration.

    Prints one copy to a Portable Document Format (PDF) fixed-layout electronic file.

    TIFF Prints one copy to a Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) graphics electronic file.
    Printer and PDF Creates a PDF file containing one copy of the return and prints up to nine copies of the return to the printer configured in Printer Setup.
    Printer and TIFF Creates a TIFF file containing one copy of the return and prints up to nine copies of the return to the printer configured in Printer Setup.
  6. If you are sending copies to a printer or document imager, you can select a print device.

  7. Select a watermark to print in the document background, if needed, diagonally from the lower-left to the upper-right corner of the page. The watermark list is configured and can be edited using Dashboard > Application Links > Firm > Settings and defaults > Print. You can enter other text, but it will not be saved in the watermarks list. The watermark you select or enter applies to all selected print items.

  8. If you are creating a PDF or TIFF file (with or without printing to a printer), enter a file path or click Browse to select the file location and name. Or, accept the default location and name, which can be the previously entered value or the default path and file name.

    See Naming Print Files for the system default naming conventions and other important considerations.

  9. Do the following to secure the printed PDF, if PDF is selected as the print destination:
    1. Select Password protect PDF.
    2. Enter and confirm a password from eight to twenty characters.

    Note: See About Print PDF Passwords for more information.

  10. Click Print or another command. ClosedExplain the print commands.