Printing Large Returns

When the Entire Return, Federal/States/Cities, or K-1 Packages print object is selected and the system recognizes a return as large, the output type is limited to PDF only. Printing of large returns can take an extended amount time and are sent from Tax to Batch Manager for processing. A separate PDF file will be created and downloaded for each Entire Return copy type, Federal/States/Cities return type, or K-1 package. You can continue working on other returns while print completes.

Note: You can also print large returns directly from within Batch Manager. See the Batch Manager Help for more information.

The following can qualify as a large return:

  • All return types. A large number of depreciable assets with one or more states.
  • 1065, 1041, and 1120S. A large number of partners (1065 K-1s), beneficiaries (1041 K-1s), shareholders (1120S K-1s) with a significant amount of activity numbers for rentals, farms, trade / business, passthroughs, or multiple states.
  • 1065. A large number of partners (K-1s) and depletion properties.
  • 1120, 1120S, and 1065. A consolidated return with many subsidiaries.
  • 1065, 1120, and 1120S. Any of the above situations with the State and city tax accrual option selected on the Return Options > Calculation Options worksheet.

The following additional conditions apply when printing large returns:

  • Print preview is not an available option for oversized returns.
  • The option to customize an oversized return is not available.
  • The option to send a PDF to Document or Engagement is not available.
  • Printing to separate PDF files is required, but the files will be grouped together and sent to Batch Manager as one job.
  • Large returns are locked during print processing and are unlocked when all applicable print jobs are complete.
  • Large returns are available to download in Batch Manager for 30 days.