Selecting Return Sections to Print

The navigation panel on the Print Return Sections window allows you to select specific sections relating to the open return.

The following list of available print items can depend on the tax product of the open return and the available sections in the open return.

To print return sections, do the following:

  1. From an open return, select > Print Return Sections from the Application menu. If changes have occurred since the last calculation, the system prompts you to calculate the return before proceeding, or to continue the print process without calculating.
  2. Select boxes on the navigation panel to select the items for print.

    Note: When the Entire Return, Federal/States/Cities, or K-1 Packages print object is selected and the system has flagged the return as large returns due to their complexity, you cannot select any additional print object.

  3. Select a print item name, such as Federal, on the navigation panel to display and configure the applicable print options for that item.