Using Quick Print

You can print one or more copy typesClosed The Accountant, Government, Client, and K-1 copies of a tax return that are available for print processing. without displaying the Print window, based on your printer setup and default print options.

Click on the Quick Access Toolbar or select Print > Quick Print on the Application menu to print, according to the print device settings on the Printer Setup window and the following print options:

  • Return configuration set
  • User options
  • Worksheet print options

Return configuration set options can be overridden in User Options and in worksheet printing options.


  • Return configuration set print options are not used with Quick Print if user print options are configured.
  • User options and return worksheet print options override the equivalent settings in the return configuration set.

Print preferences do not flow in the reverse order. For example, if you set print user options but do not select a copy type, and you are using a return configuration set that has one or more selected copy types, the return configuration set copy types are not applied. In this case, Quick Print advises you there is no copy type selected.

If you have not set a file path in your print user options, Quick Print saves to the following system default path:

  • C:\Users\<user name>\WK\Return Print Files

For more information about the different levels of print options, see Printing in Tax.

Note: Quick Print is not available for returns the system has flagged as large returns due to their complexity.