Using the CCH Axcess™ Document Interface

Document is a document management system that provides a centralized storage location for your files. By storing all your file in one central and searchable repository, you are able to deliver better service to clients by eliminating time spent searching through folders and files.

From Tax, you can send return print files to Document and attach a PDF that is stored in Document to a tax return for electronic filing.

Sending Tax Return Files to Document

After selecting to send files from Tax, the Document Add Files window displays options to publish them to Document. You can send the following file formats:

  • PDF
  • TIFF


  • Document must be licensed and installed.
  • The option to send oversized return PDF or TIFF files (5,000 pages or more) is not available.

To use this interface option, set up the following:

  • Tax mapping options forDocument. In Dashboard, click Application Links on the navigation panel, click Settings and defaults under Firm, and then click Document on the Firm navigation panel.
  • The user option to send tax return files to Document. In Return Manager, click User Options on the Application menu, and then select Tax > Interface Options > Document on the User Options navigation panel.
  • Note: The Document option displays on the navigation panel if your firm is licensed for Document.

To send tax return files to Document, do the following:

  1. From an open return, select a print option on the Application menu. You can send one or more print items from the following options:
  2. Note: If you select Return Sections or Selective Pages and if changes have occurred since the last calculation, you are prompted to first calculate the return or continue the print process without calculating.

  3. On the appropriate Print window, select PDF or TIFF as the destination.
  4. Select other print options, if applicable. You can send multiple files. Select from the links in step 1 for information about the available options.
  5. When you have completed your selections on the Print window, click Print. If your interface option is set to Always send, the Document Add Files window displays. If your interface option is set to Prompt me, answer Yes to display the Add Files window.
  6. Note: If you selected Entire Return and changes have occurred since the last calculation, you are prompted to first calculate the return or continue the print process without calculating.

  7. Complete the following information on the Document Add Files window to publish the tax return files to Document:
    • Entity and storage folder
    • File properties
    • Options
  8. Click on the Add Files window for more information.

  9. Click Apply to Selected.
  10. Click Upload Selected Files to upload the file to Document.

Attaching PDF Files from Document

Federal > General > Electronic Filing worksheet sections provide an option to browse to a location in Document where PDF files for the tax return client are stored. In a PDF Attachments section in the Electronic Filing worksheet, double-click a blank PDF File Name box or, for Exempt Organization, Attachment Location box to display the option to attach a file from Document.

Notes: The following conditions must be met:

  • Document is licensed and installed.
  • You are assigned the necessary Document permissions.
  • The return tax year is 2015 or higher.

See Attaching PDF Files for Electronic Filing for more information.