Accessing the Electronic Filing Status System

To access the Electronic Filing Status System, do the following:

  1. Do any of the following:
    • From Dashboard, click Electronic Filing Status under Tax on the Application Links window.
    • From Return Manager, click Status in the EFS group on the Utilities tab.
    • Inside a tax return, click Status in the EFS group on the Review tab.
  2. Your account number, user ID, and password credentials transmit automatically to the Electronic Filing Status System.

  3. Locate returns using filters or search for returns for a specific client using the Filter/Search panel. Do either of the following to display returns that have been previously filed:
    • Search for multiple clients.
      1. On the Filter panel, select a tax year and product.
      2. Select any other filtering criteria from the drop-down lists or options provided.
      3. Click Go.
    • Search for a single client.
      1. On the Search panel, select a search method: Return ID, Name (Last, First), or SSN/FEIN (all digits are required; hyphens are optional).
      2. Enter your search criteria in the box provided.
      3. Click Search.

Your filter or search results display in the grid. You can sort most columns and, if the returns exceed one page, use the right and left arrows below the grid to display more results.

Note: Permission to access the Electronic Filing Status System is a functional right that is granted in security group profiles.

For more information, access Help from inside the Electronic Filing Status System. Some of the available information includes the following:

  • Reasons for ineligible returns
  • Basic rules for electronic filing
  • Getting started procedures
  • Steps after releasing returns
  • Answers to common questions