Sending Tax Return Files to CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement

You can publish a PDF version of a tax return to a workpaper tab in an Engagement binder if Engagement is licensed and installed.


  • The navigation panel option includes Document if your firm is licensed for Document.
  • The option to send oversized return PDFs (5,000 pages or more) is not available.

The following Engagement criteria must be met before you can publish tax return PDF files:

  • Configured your Engagement user options. In Return Manager, click User Options on the Application menu, and then select Tax > Interface Options > Document/Engagement on the User Options navigation panel.

  • Assigned a valid Engagement user name and password.
  • Tip: Select Interface Options > ProSystem fx Engagement Login on the User Options navigation panel to enter your Engagement user name and password. This eliminates the need to enter your login credentials each time you send return files to Engagement.

  • Assigned as a team member to the binder where the files will be stored.
  • Assigned rights to create a workpaper for the target binder.
  • Closed target Engagement binder.

To publish tax return PDF files to Engagement, do the following:

  1. From an open return, select a print option on the Application menu. You can publish one or more print items from the following options:
  2. Note:   If changes have occurred since the last calculation, the system prompts you to calculate the return before proceeding or to continue the print process without calculating.

  3. On the appropriate Print window, select PDF as the destination.
  4. Select other print options, if applicable. You can send multiple files.
  5. When you have completed your selections on the Print window, click Print.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • If your interface option is set to Always send, click Next on the Insert Workpaper Wizard Welcome window.
    • If your interface option is set to Prompt me, answer Yes to display the Insert Workpaper Wizard, and then click Next.
  7. Enter your Engagement user name and password and click Next.
  8. Notes:

    • If your user name and password are provided on the ProSystemfx Engagement User Options window, this information is already entered for you.
    • When sending PDF files to  Engagement, Tax allows invalid characters in the User name and Password boxes and does not validate or display error messages for invalid characters. Engagement validates the name and password, and then posts an error message, if applicable, when the data transfers from Tax.
  9. Do one of the following to select the document to insert in a binder:
    • Select the box next to the document name.
    • Click Select All to select all the documents listed.
    • Click Unselect All to clear all the documents listed.
  10. In the Local File Room, select the Client folder and the binder for the PDF file.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Enter a name for the workpaper. The workpaper name defaults to the return ID; however, you can change the name. You can also enter an index number to link a reference to this workpaper from another workpaper or you can enter an index number for identification purposes.
  13. Do one of the following:
    • Change the tab location.
      1. Click Next to continue to the Select Tab in Binder Wizard.
      2. Click Modify Tab and select a different location.
      3. Click Finish to continue to the Summary window.
    • Continue to the summary window. Click Finish to accept the default tab location. The PDF is placed in the Unfiled Workpapers tab.
  14. You can do the following:
    • Click Back to change your previous selections.
    • Click Insert to add the workpaper to the selected binder.
    • Click Print to print the summary report.
    • Click Save As to save the summary report to a file.
    • Click Cancel to stop the process.


  • After publishing files from a return to Engagement, the return is locked until the status that files were successfully inserted into a binder is received from Engagement.
  • Do not print to Engagement using the Engagement PDF converter. This method of printing files to Engagement from Tax is not supported.