Sending Return Passwords

The Send Password feature in Return Manager automatically resets and assigns a new password for a secured tax return and emails the new password to the staff needing access. The sender does not receive documentation of the new password. You must have the Reset return password functional right permission assigned to use the Send Password feature.

To reset and send a password in an email message, do the following:

  1. Select a secured tax return in the Return Manager grid.
  2. Tip: If needed, add the Password Protect column to the grid to quickly locate secured returns.

  3. Click Send Password in the Maintenance group on the Utilities tab.
  4. Select a staff ID from the list of staff with access to the Tax system.
  5. Click Send. The password is reset automatically and emailed to the selected staff along with the client ID associated with the return. The system displays a confirmation message when the email transmits successfully.
  6. Click OK to close the confirmation message.


  • Security is applied to the client level. The password entered to secure a return for a client must be entered to open other returns created for that same client.
  • The system displays an alert message if you attempt to send a password for an unsecured tax return.