Drilling Down to Source Data from Government Forms

Tax return drill downs are links that take you to the source or multiple sources for the selected government form field's data. Drill downs trace a computed or transferred value to its originating tax data.

A government form drill down can link you to either of the following:

Drill down is available on certain federal government form fields. When drill down is possible, a blue down arrow displays on the right side of the field. You can do any of the following to drill down:

  • Double-click the field.
  • Click the blue down arrow,, in the field.
  • Select the field and click in the Navigation group on the Home ribbon.

To return to the previous form field, click in the Navigation group on the Home ribbon, or right-click the field and select Go Back from the menu.


  • Each time you drill down, a new window opens. You can display up to four tabs, or four windows, or a combination of tabs and windows.
  • Drill down activity is not recorded in navigation history.