Searching Worksheets

Beginning with tax year 2016, Tax offers a Search Return field above the Worksheets Tree so you can quickly find where to input data. This feature is particularly useful in locating multiple fields where you should input data. The system searches all worksheet titles, section titles, and field labels for all jurisdictions.

  1. Enter one or more words in the Search Return field and press Enter. Your search results display the following:
    • The total number of matches (up to 1000 results). If your results include 1000 matches, see Refining Your Search below for more information.
    • Matching sections and fields listed by jurisdiction (federal, state, or city), type (section or field), and the section title or field name.
    • Exact matches listed first followed by partial matches. If you do not find the exact match you are looking for, see Refining Your Search below for more information.


    • Search criteria is not case sensitive.
    • The system does not search for partial words. For example, if you enter "phone," the word "telephone" is not considered a match.
    • Worksheets with data display in blue font.
    • If you are working in multiple returns, you can perform a search in each open return.
  2. You can do any of the following:
  3. Action Description
    Open a worksheet section Double-click a line item in the results to open the worksheet section and, if applicable, scroll to display the matching field.
    Sort results Click a column header to change the default sort order.
    Filter your search

    Click in a column header and select an operator, such as Equals, to filter any of the following results:

    • Jurisdiction (federal, state, or city)
    • Type (field or section)
    • Section or field name


    • Filtering does not create a new search, but instead, filters the existing results.
    • You can clear all filters by clicking in the far left column header.

Refining Your Search

If the results do not include the section or field you are looking for or there are 1000 results, we recommend that you enter new criteria to refine your search. You can do any of the following to find more complete and specific results:

  • Enter quotations around your search criteria to find only exact matches.
  • Include an asterisk (*) at the end of your search criteria. This is useful when looking for a word or phrase that is often shortened or is sometimes singular and sometimes plural. For example, enter "credit*" to find both "credit" and "credits."
  • Include a state abbreviation in your search criteria. This is useful when looking for a word or phrase that exists in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Filter your results to display a specific jurisdiction.