Entering Detail in Worksheets

Some grids allow you to enter additional information, such as depreciating assets and partnership information, on a detail level. Access Detail worksheets through Summary grids, such as the ones found in Interest and Dividend worksheets.

To display a Detail worksheet from a Summary grid, select a row and click on the grid navigation bar.

The first section of Detail worksheets uses one of the following IRS source document forms, where applicable:

  • Forms W-2
  • Schedule K-1
  • Forms 1098
  • Forms 1099
  • Form 2439

If multiple occurrences exist in the section, click Find Occurrences in the Detail worksheet toolbar to locate the item you want to review or edit. You can also scroll to other occurrences using the navigation arrows on the toolbar.

To close the Detail worksheet and return to the Summary grid, click located on the top-left corner of the worksheet.