Using TaxTransfer to Export Data from Tax Returns

TaxTransfer offers a way for your firm to perform batch exports of data from Tax returns to XML files. You can export data from any Tax Worksheet View field that is accessible in a 2011 tax year or later return. You can also export data from government forms and perform batch imports with TaxTransfer.

Note: TaxTransfer accesses Tax via the Open Integration Kit (OIK). TaxTransfer and the OIK are licensed separately from Tax. Custom programming is required to use TaxTransfer. The OIK must be configured to work with your custom application through Web services.

With TaxTransfer, you can fully customize your firm’s exports. For example, you can specify:

  • The returns included in the export
  • The worksheets and government forms from which you want to export data
  • The fields to export
  • The values to export

The following resources are available to help your firm configure and use TaxTransfer:

  • The TaxTransfer User Guide contains information to help your firm's programmers configure an export. It also provides a basic workflow for performing an export.
  • Note: You must have Adobe® Reader® or a similar PDF reader application installed on your computer to access the TaxTransfer User Guide.

  • Three schema documents, TaxDataImportOptions.xsd, TaxDataExportOptions.xsd, and Payload.xsd, provide additional information your firm can use to configure imports and exports. These schema documents are at the following location on the computer where the OIK is installed: C:\Program Files (x86)\WK\ProSystem fx Suite\Smart Client\SaaS\IXResources.
  • The help files provided with the OIK contain information about invoking the APIs used for TaxTransfer imports and exports.