Printing the Entire Tax Return

The Print Entire Return window allows you to print all sections of a tax return to any print destination.

To print the entire tax return, do the following:

  1. From an open return, select Print > Print Entire Return from the Application menu.

  2. Select one or more Closedcopy types.

  3. Note: You may be restricted to selecting one copy type for each print process if the return qualifies as extra large. See Printing Large Returns for more information.

  4. Select or enter the number of print copies. You can print from one to nine copies if you are printing to a printer. Only one copy can be sent to a document imager, PDF, or TIFF file.

  5. Select a Closedprint destination. The print destination for returns that the system recognizes as large must be PDF. See Sending Large Returns to Batch Manager for more information.

    Destination Description
    Printer Defaults to the printer configured in Printer Setup or your last selected printer. You can select another device from the list of installed printers, if needed.
    Document Imager Available if Printer Setup contains a document imager driver configuration.

    Prints one copy to a Portable Document Format (PDF) fixed-layout electronic file.

    TIFF Prints one copy to a Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) graphics electronic file.
    Printer and PDF Creates a PDF file containing one copy of the return and prints up to nine copies of the return to the printer configured in Printer Setup.
    Printer and TIFF Creates a TIFF file containing one copy of the return and prints up to nine copies of the return to the printer configured in Printer Setup.
  6. If you are sending copies to a printer or document imager, you can select a print device.

  7. Select a watermark to print in the document background, if needed, diagonally from the lower-left to the upper-right corner of the page. The watermark list is configured and can be edited using Dashboard > Application Links > Firm > Settings and defaults > Print. You can enter other text, but it will not be saved in the watermarks list. The watermark you select or enter applies to all selected print items.

    Note: If watermarks are suppressed for correspondence, correspondence attached to this return will not print with a watermark if one is selected.

  8. For tax years 2011 and later, select Mask to convert bank account, SSN, and EIN numbers to asterisks in Accountant, Client, and K-1 copy types.
  9. Note: For tax years 2012 and higher, only the fields that are selected to mask on the Print Options return configuration set window will be converted to asterisks. If needed, verify the fields you want to mask are selected.

  10. If you are creating a PDF or TIFF file (with or without printing to a printer), enter a file path or click Browse to select the file location and name. Or, accept the default location and name, which can be the previously entered value or the default path and file name.

    If you have selected more than one copy type to print to a PDF or TIFF file, and the Create separate PDF / TIFF files option is cleared, you can enter the path information in the Save entire return box.

    See Naming Print Files for the system default naming conventions and other important considerations.

  11. Accept the print set that is assigned for the organizational unit or select another print set.
  12. Notes:

  13. Select one or more print Closedoptions that may apply for the print item.

    Availability of options depends on the selections made in the copy types list (for example: the type of copy, number of copies, or print destination).

  14. For tax years 2015 and higher, select the copy types you want to include electronic filing PDF attachments. To include PDF attachments in the government copy, you must select the Print entire government copy option.
  15. Notes:

    • Electronic filing must be selected on the General > Electronic Filing worksheet to print electronic filing PDF attachments.
    • The return must qualify for electronic filing to display and enable the Print entire government copy option.


    • For tax years 2015 and higher, a cover sheet is included for PDF attachments if the Suppress cover sheets option is set to N in the Return Options worksheet. However, this option affects all cover sheets. You can select to include or suppress specific cover sheets in the return print set.
    • You can also set a default print position for PDF attachment in the return print set.
  16. Do the following to secure printed PDFs, if PDF is selected as a print destination:
    1. Select Password protect PDF(s). The copy types that you are printing to PDF are selected by default.
    2. If needed, clear the selected copy types that you do not want to secure.
    3. Enter and confirm a password from eight to twenty characters.

    Note: See About Print PDF Passwords for more information.

  17. Click Print or another command. ClosedExplain the print commands.

Note: Click on the Quick Access Toolbar or select Print > Quick Print on the Application menu to print the entire return without displaying the Print window, according to the following print settings: