Selecting Columns in a Grid

The Column Selection window allows you to select the columns to display and their order in the Return Manager grid. You can select grid columns in two ways. Use the following procedure to select columns for client search results, Quick Search results, and static views. To define columns for custom views, see Managing Custom Views.

  1. Click in the Grid View group on the Home tab, or right-click a column header in the Return Manager grid and select Column Selection from the menu. The Column Selection window displays.
  2. Select the columns to display in the grid and the order in which they should appear. ClosedExplain the components of the window.
  3. Click OK to save your changes.

You can also sort, move, and resize columns using the column header. See Using Return Manager Grid Controls for more information.

Changes you make to the column selection, sort order, column order, and column width are retained for the following:

  • Client search results (using the Search box above the grid)
  • Quick Search results
  • System-defined static views, which include the following:
    • Most recently used returns or templates
    • Returns or templates created for an installed tax year
    • Returns or templates created for an installed tax year that have not been rolled forward
    • Electronically filed current-year returns with e-filing status