Searching for Returns and Templates

In Return Manager, you can search for records in several ways.

  • Client Search. The Search box located above the Return Manager grid on the right side, searches the entire system, not just the current grid page, for specific client IDs or taxpayer names. This feature refreshes the grid, displaying only the records that match your search criteria.
  • Quick Search. Quick Search filters can be accessed by clicking next to the Client Search box to search the entire system, not just the current grid contents, for tax return criteria other than client ID or name. See Using Quick Search for more information about this feature.

ClosedUsing the Search Box

To search the Tax system for a client name or ID, do the following:

  1. In the Search box, enter the complete criteria to search for specific client IDs or names, or enter partial information to search for similar matches in a client ID or name.
  2. Note: Name refers to the name entered in the return, for example, Jones, Robert, which may be different from the actual name of the client as entered in the client's profile.

  3. Press Enter or click to locate an item. If only one return or template matches the criteria you entered, that return or template opens in the Tax window. If more than one return or template is found, the grid refreshes, displaying the return or template information that matches or contains a match to your search criteria.
  4. To further refine the records displayed in the grid, click in any column header and select a value. Your filter selection is retained for all return searches. Filter selection is not retained for template searches.
  5. If your search results span across multiple pages, consider the following:

    • Filter list values are defined by the data on the current page. For example, if only Individual returns are listed on a page, no other type is included in the filter list for the Return Type column on that page.
    • Column filters are applied to the current page only.
    • Column filters are available only for client search results.


  • You can define the columns that display for Search results. See Selecting Columns in a Grid for more information.
  • Matches in only client sub-IDs are not included in the results.
  • Do one of the following to clear the search results:
    • Click the X button in the Search box.
    • Clear your search criteria.
    • Change the grid view or Quick Search.