Using Quick Search

Quick Search displays results in the Return Manager grid based on applied return component filters so you can easily locate a tax return or group of tax returns. Quick Search criteria searches the entire system, not just the current grid page contents. Results can then be saved as a new view.

Searching for Clients

  1. Enter the complete ID or name to search for a specific client or enter partial information to search for similar matches.
  2. Name refers to the name entered in the return, for example, Jones, Robert, which may be different from the actual name of the client as entered in the client's profile. Matches in only client sub-IDs are not included in the results.
  3. Click Search or press Enter to search for matching clients and refresh the grid.

Note: Do one of the following to clear the search results:

  • Clear your search criteria.
  • Change the grid view or Quick Search.

Filtering Returns

Return Manager includes default filters that are used to limit the returns that display in the selected view. You can also customize the filters that display on the Quick Search panel by adding or removing both default and optional filters. The only filter that cannot be removed is Client ID/Name. Your selected filters are saved for future searches.

Default Filters

The following filters display by default:

  • Client ID/Name
  • Tax year
  • Return type

Optional Filters

  1. Click Filter Settings.
  2. Click Add Filter and select an available option from the list. Your selection is added as a Quick Search filter. The system retains added filters, so they can be used the next time you open Return Manager.
  3. Select another value for the filter, if needed.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Add the applicable column to the Return Manager grid, if needed, to display results for the new filter, such as the Federal e-file Status column. See Selecting Columns in a Grid for more information.
  6. Note: Additional filters can be added or removed (with the exception of Client Name or ID) and pinned/unpinned from the panel.

ClosedShow me the optional filters.

  • Business Unit
  • City e-file Status
  • Description
  • FBAR e-file Status
  • Federal Extension Status
  • Federal e-file Status
  • In Use
  • Last activity
  • Last Modified Date
  • Modified By
  • Office
  • Password Protected
  • Read Only
  • Region
  • Return Configuration
  • Return group
  • Return ID
  • Return status (Return status is the value that is passed to Workstream.)
  • Roll Forward
  • Signer
  • State e-file Status
  • Year End

Saving Search Results as a View

After your Quick Search results display in the grid, click Save New View in the lower left of the Grid to save the settings as a new private view. Your new view will now be listed under Your Views in the Returns and Templates drop-down in the lower left corner of the grid. See Using Views in Return Manager for more information.