About PDF Attachments in Electronically Filed Returns

Some return types require that you attach supporting documents as PDF files when you electronically file a return. You can attach the PDF files using the Federal > General Electronic Filing worksheet. The PDF files are embedded in the return so that you can view them any time you access the return.

During the electronic filing export process, a list of PDF file names, modified dates, categories (Required or Optional), and associated forms displays. You can review the content of each PDF before export.

Keep in mind the following requirements when attaching PDF files to a return:

  • Each PDF must have a unique name. If you attach a PDF with the same name as another PDF that is already in the return, the first PDF will be overwritten.
  • The PDF files must not be password-protected.
  • The combined size of all PDF files attached to one electronic return submission cannot exceed 1 GB (roughly 5,000 pages).
  • Individual PDF files cannot exceed 60 MB (approximately 500 pages). Files in excess of this size can be split into smaller PDF files.
  • Separate PDF files must be created for each form type (for example, one file for Forms 926, one file for Forms 982).
  • PDF files with the same name can be attached to different occurrences in the return, provided each has a unique attachment code.

Also, be aware that support of PDF attachments varies from state to state. Some states support only required PDFs, some support both required and optional PDF attachments, and others do not support PDF attachments at all.

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