Attaching PDF Files for Electronic Filing

Some return types require that you attach supporting documents as PDF files when you electronically file a return. You can attach the PDF files using the Federal > General > Electronic Filing worksheet. The PDF files are embedded in the return so that you can view them any time you access the return.

To attach a PDF to a return for electronic filing, do the following:

  1. Review the IRS and DOL requirements for required PDF attachments.
  2. Open the return to be electronically filed.
  3. Open one of the Federal > General > Electronic Filing worksheet sections below.
  4. Return Type PDF Attachment Sections on Worksheet Federal > General > Electronic Filing

    Section 9 - PDF Attachments


    Section 7 - PDF Attachment - Required

    Section 8 - PDF Attachment - Optional

    Partnership Section 7 - PDF Attachments
    Corporation, S Corporation

    Section 6 - PDF Attachments

    Exempt Organization

    Section 6 - PDF Attachments - Specific Forms

    Employee Benefit Plan Section 2 - PDF Attachments

    Note: Section numbers for some return types vary slightly, depending on the tax year.

  5. If needed, double-click the Code field and select the applicable attachment code. If you are attaching a required PDF, the file name is automatically entered in the Attachment Name field. If the PDF is optional, enter the IRS or DOL attachment name.
  6. Double-click a blank PDF File Name box or, for Exempt Organization, Attachment Location box.

    Note: Only one PDF file can be attached to each section occurrence. If there are other PDF files already attached, click at the top of the section to attach another PDF.

  7. On the Attach File window, select to browse to a PDF from one of the following locations, and then click Continue:
    • Select Document to locate available PDFs that are stored for the client in Document.
    • Notes: The following conditions must be met:

      • Document is licensed and installed.
      • You are assigned the necessary Document permissions.
    • Select My device to locate PDFs that are saved on your machine or device.
  8. Browse to and select the PDF to attach, and then click Open. If you are attaching a Document PDF, the files for the return tax year display by default, if available, but you can browse to another Document location, if needed.
  9. Note: Files that are downloaded from Document are saved only in the tax return and not on your machine or device.

  10. Select other applicable information in the PDF Attachments section, such as FS and State codes. Specific information for states that use the FS and State boxes is included in the states' instructions.
  11. To attach another PDF, click at the top of the section, and then complete steps 4 - 7.
  12. Save the return.
  13. Notes: If you do not save the return, the PDF file is removed from the tax return.

Additional Information

Refer to the following topics for information about PDF file requirements and viewing PDF files that are attached to a return:

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