Reviewing and Editing Letters

Correspondence Manager, opened from the Letters command on the Review tab, includes features to review or edit existing letters that apply to an open return, and to select the letters to print with the return.

When you open Correspondence Manager from inside a return, the letter on the Print Preview window displays in the Microsoft© Word pane. You can enter content directly in this document, or you can drag keywords and paragraphs from the libraries when editing letters.

For specific instruction about opening letters in a return and using Correspondence Manager features, see Managing Correspondence Letters Inside a Return.

Note: You must have access rights to edit correspondence. There are two functional rights for correspondence. When both rights, Access Correspondence Libraries and Modify letters for return, are assigned, you can save your edits to the return and to the Letter Template Library. If only Modify letters for return is granted, you can edit letters in a return and save the changes with the return, but you cannot save the changes to the library.